Convenient footrests

Solid appliance to keep feet and legs on an easy-to-reach height. Designed for wet areas like shower cubicles or cloakrooms. Our footrests ease every shower you take before you get into or after you have left the swimming pool. It is a simple thing to stay safely on the slipproof surface. The footrest‘s bevelled shape supports a secure posture of your body and lets you stand upright. Thanks to its weight every model can be firmly fixed on walls and other brackets. Rounded edges are integrant to satisfy accident prevention requirements. And we can perform them even better using protective strips on the front side absorbing shocks reliably. Choose the variant you fancy the most. As with all SCHÄFER products, you will get the most of safety and usability.


footrest 60.09

made of silver anodised or synthetic-coated aluminium

length: 220 mm
width: 120 mm

footrest 60.28

for shower cubicles

made of synthetic-coated aluminium

length: 150 mm,
width: 200 mm

footrest 62.15

made of brushed stainless steel

length: 150 mm width: 200 mm